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President: Chuck Jeffers

1st Vice President:Brad Coleman
2nd Vice President: Walter Yearwood
3rd Vice President: Debbie Byrd

Immediate Past President: Josh Pulse
Secretary/Treasurer: Stanley Thompson

East Tennessee One Year Term: Johnny Alley
East Tennessee Two Year Term: Thomas King
East Tennessee Presidential Appointment: Scott Buckingham

Middle Tennessee One Year Term: Chris Traughber
Middle Tennessee Two Year Term: Erinne Hester
Middle Tennessee Presidential Appointment: Steve Pierce

West Tennessee One Year Term: Steve Glass
West Tennessee Two Year Term: Calvin Hinton
West Tennessee Presidential Appointment: Frances Hunley

Executive Director: Will Denami


East Tennessee Association President: John Whitehead
Middle Tennessee Association President:
Rob Mitchell
West Tennessee Association President:
Frances Hunley


Policy Committee
Chair: Brad Coleman,
Vice Chair: Walter Yearwood
Barbara Kizer, Beverly Morton, Billy Breeden, Bobby Daniels, Brandon Moore, Bruce Spencer, Calvin Hinton, Cheyenne Johnson, Chris Traughber, Chuck Jeffers, David Tuck, Debbie Byrd, Delton Mayberry, Erinne J. Hester, Frances Hunley, Gary Paschall, John Whitehead, John Isbell, Johnny Alley, Josh Pulse, Junior Jones, Keith Price, Marty Haynes, Mike Campbell, Molly Hartup, Rob Mitchell, Ronda Clanton, Russell Baker, Scott Buckingham, Shannon Cantrell, Stanley Thompson, Steve Glass, Steve Pierce, Terry Collins, Thomas King, Vivian Wilhoite

Finance Committee
Stanley Thompson
Josh Pulse, Brad Coleman, Walter Yearwood, Debbie Byrd, Steve Pierce

Communications Committee
David Tuck
Gary Paschall, Delton Mayberry, Marty Haynes, Steve Pierce

Planning Committee
Josh Pulse
Scott Buckingham, Stanley Thompson, Brad Coleman

50th Anniversary Committee
Debbie Byrd
Molly Hartup, Ronda Clanton, Frances Hunley, Marty Haynes, Steve Pierce, Johnny Alley, Chris Traughber, Josh Pulse, Stanley Thompson, Mike Campbell, Steve Glass

Philanthropy Committee
Erinne Hester
Junior Jones, Josh Pulse, Brad Coleman, John Isbell, Johnny Alley, Steve Glass, Marty Haynes, Mike Campbell, John Isbell, Gary Paschall

CAMA Administrator Committee
Rob Mitchell
John Whitehead, Marty Haynes, Stanley Thompson, Vivian Wilhoite, Erinne Hester, John Isbell, Delton Mayberry, Beverly Morton, Cheyenne Johnson

Education Committee
Cheyenne Johnson
Erinne Hester, Marty Haynes, Vivian Wilhoite, David Tuck, Steve Pierce, Mike Campbell



How the association came to be
Our executive director, Will Denami
A directory

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