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The Hall of Fame recognizes those Assessors and special allies to our field who have performed in an exemplary fashion. Awards are made every year at our Winter Meeting.

Lifetime Achievement Award
This is the highest honor the association can bestow upon an individual. This prestigious honor may only be earned through a lifetime of excellence in selfless service to the profession.

Dennis Anglin — Bill Bennett
Jimmy Clary — Ralph Cooper
Jim Dooley — Tom Fleming
Janie Gregson — Gary Harris
Ron Hillman — Bob Icenhour
Cheyenne Johnson — Kelsie Jones
Barbara Kizer — Robert T. Lee
Dean Lewis — Ken Morrell
Barry Murphy — Don Osborne

Claude Ramsey — Bubba Ricketts
George Rooker — David Sherrill
Dare Simpson — Parkey Strader

Stanley Thompson — Randy Yates

Excellence in Operations Award
This is the highest recognition the Office of Assessor of Property may receive. All aspects of the operations are evaluated and this is truly the high water mark of management to be chosen for this award.

2011—Davidson County
2012—Bradley County
2013—Davidson County
2014—Shelby County
2015—Knox County

2016—Lawrence County
2017—Montgomery County
2018—Rutherford County

2019—Davidson County

Award of Excellence
This award is given to the individual who goes above and beyond the call of partner to provide assistance, leadership and friendship to the Assessors of Property. This is always a difficult task to select a single person and thus exemplifies the achievement of the deserving partner who receives this award.

2007—Ken Morrell
2008—Robert T. Lee
2009—Barry Monson
2010—Gary Harris
2011—Joe Griffin
2012—Carey Pinkerton
2013—John Allen
2014—Mark Volner
2015—Jess Conway

2016—Susan Gullette
2017—Greg Moody
2018—Bryan Kinsey
2019—John Sharpe

Regional Awards of Excellence
These awards are bestowed upon individuals who show dedication and service to the assessing professionals in the three Grand Divisions of Tennessee.

2018—East: Phyllis Holt—Middle: Ryan Duggin—West: Johnna Slayton
2019—East: Rhonda Duncan—Middle: Macy Brower—West: David Gillard

TNAAO Presidential Award
This award is earned after serving a single year at the helm of the Tennessee Association of Assessing Officers. This award serves as a memento of the year of service given in name of advancing the profession and helping one's fellow Assessor.

2007—Ronnie Boyd
2008—Calvin Hinton
2009—Johnny King
2010—John Isbell
2011—Frances Hunley
2012—Stanley Thompson
2013—Betty Burchett
2014—Gary Paschall
2015—Scott Buckingham

2016—George Rooker
2017—Josh Pulse
2018—Chuck Jeffers
2019—Brad Coleman

Assessor of the Year
This award is given to the very best of the best, the Assessor who has demonstrated the highest level of professionalism and leadership throughout the entire state for the year.

2007—John Isbell
2008—Bill Gaines
2009—George Rooker
2010—Stanley Thompson
2011—Norma Kirk
2012—Betty Burchett
2013—Stanley Thompson
2014—Kay Sandifer
2015—Cheyenne Johnson

2016—Erinne Hester
2017—Chuck Jeffers
2018—Brad Coleman
2019—Debbie Byrd

Regional Assessor of the Year
This award is given to the Assessor who stands out among the best in each of the three grand divisions (East, Middle and West) by demonstrating high degrees of competency, professionalism and leadership.

East TN Assessor of the Year
2008—Gerald Holly
2009—Monty Treadway
2010—Phil Ballard
2011—Bob Icenhour
2012—Mike Campbell
2013—Chuck Jeffers
2014—Scott Buckingham

2015—Ron Hillman
2016—Randy Yates
2017—Debbie Byrd
2018—Marty Haynes
2019—Johnny Alley

Middle TN Assessor of the Year
2008—John Barbee
2009—Connie Brigham
2010—Betty Burchett
2011—Delton Mayberry
2012—Chris Traughber
2013—David Simcox
2014—Brad Coleman

2015—Rob Mitchell
2016—Ronda Clanton
2017—Barbara Kizer
2018—Darin Harrison
2019—Steve Pierce

West TN Assessor of the Year
2008—Beverly Morton
2009—Kathy Robertson
2010—Gary Paschall
2011—David Tuck
2012—Beverly Morton
2013—Calvin Hinton
2014—Betty Ashe
2015—Walter Yearwood

2016—Judy Smith
2017—Steve Glass
2018—Frances Hunley
2019—Walter Yearwood

Chief Deputy of the Year
This award is given to the very best of the best among those selected to perform the vital task of Chief Deputy.

2011—Arnold Tarpley
2012—Jimmy Clary
2013—Paul Fornes
2014—Patrick Lafferty
2015—Jim Weaver

2016—Penny Crowell
2017—Derek Flanigan
2018—Jane Smith
2019—Jackie Raley

Regional Chief Deputies of the Year
This award is bestowed to those selected in each of Tennessee's Grand Divisions as displaying exemplary service as Chief Deputy Assessor of Property.

2018—East: Cindy Shipley—Middle: Russell Key—West: Kevin Mills
2019—East: Robbie McGuire—Middle: Randy Ward—West: Javier Bailey

Leadership Award
This award is given to the individual who demonstrates the highest level of leadership and courage.

2011—John Isbell
2012—Bob Icenhour
2013—David Tuck
2014—Delton Mayberry
2015—Josh Pulse

2016—Billy Breeden
2017—Junior Jones
2018—Steve Pierce
2019—Marty Haynes

Outstanding New Member Award
This award is given to a new member who demonstrates excellence in adapting to the role of Assessor of Property.

2011—Jack Price
2012—Brad Coleman
2013—David Morgan
2014—Ron Hillman
2015—Steve Pierce

2016—Thomas King
2017—John Whitehead
2018—Vivian Wilhoite
2019—Donna Whitaker

Outstanding Executive Board Member
This award is given to the member of the executive committee who goes above and beyond the call of duty and gives back the highest level of contribution of service.

2011—Betty Burchett
2012—Delton Mayberry
2013—Dare Simpson
2014—Josh Pulse
2015—Erinne Hester

2016—Debbie Byrd
2017—David Tuck
2018—Walter Yearwood
2019—Stanley Thompson














































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