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The Assessor of Property's primary interest is ensuring that all properties are treated equitably. They willingly consider all information made available to them that helps determine market value. Property owners who disagree with the appraised value set on their property are encouraged to express their opinion and provide documentation which supports their opinion.

In Tennessee, much of this is accomplished in an informal process of reviews where the property owner sits down with the assessment staff and presents the information.   If it appears that legitimate reasons exist to reduce the appraisal, the change can be made without having the property owner go through a formal hearing before the county's board of equalization.

In most cases, the informal review process resolves any issues. If the matter isn't settled there, an appeal can be made to the local board.   If the result doesn't satisfy the property owner, an appeal to the State Board of Equalization can be filed, and if a disagreement still remains, it can be pursued in the courts.

The functions of the Assessor of Property
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