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Contrary to popular opinion, Assessors of Property do not set the property tax bill for citizens. Assessors of Property are charged by law with finding and listing all taxable real estate and business tangible personal property, classifying it according to use, appraising it at its market value and then producing an assessment roll. The assessment roll then is provided to the local governments to use as a factor in determining the tax rate the local legislative body will apply to the assessments.

Assessors of Property are not tax collectors. Neither do any of their evaluations of property affect any other type of tax, such as sales or excise tax. Property taxes within the individual counties are the only levy affected by Assessors of Property, and even then, it is important to note that Assessors of Property do not have any bearing on the tax rate, or the final tax bill.

The functions of the Assessor of Property
The way assessment is carried out
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